Hey Guys, Look Over Here!

Welcome to The American Music Company Band photo collection. We have photos of the band live and in the studio. And since the band also enjoys streetrods, we've included photos taken at various local and national car shows over the years. Maybe one of the rods is your streetrod? Send us an email to let us know.

We hope you enjoy the gallery!

Richard Montgomery High School Class Reunion

Special thanks to friend Bobby Khuen and the Richard Montgomery High School organizing committee for having The American Music Company Band perform for the Richard Montgomery High School Reunion Classes of 1958 thru 1968, held on September 21, 2002 in Potomac, MD. Great food and beverages, great friends, and a great time!


Cutting Tracks

In May 2004, the band went into a recording studio in Pennsylvania to record a few of our favorite tunes. Here are some photos from our two days there. Special thanks to pal Bobby Gentilo of Radio Caroline for turning the knobs for us in the control room.


A Look Back

Seems like yesterday. Take a look back through the years at The American Music Company Band.


Why Not?

We thought we'd add a collection of photos of the band members, outside of the band. Fun times. Silly photos. Random stuff. You never know what might show up here. (hey....waitaminute....)



We love streetrods. Period. Can't get enough of 'em. Ernie owns a '34 Ford pickup - total '50s custom. Friend Bobby Khuen owns the dark purple '39 Ford. The other rods are just plain cool. The photos were taken at various car shows and rod runs throughout the Maryland - Washington D.C. - Baltimore - Virginia areas. A few photos even come from Daytona, FL. Let us know if you see your car here!